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Sr. Anti Fraud Specialist
Vanaf 01-01-2013
ICT Banking jobs

High school technique grade B, diploma in June 1982
High school technique grade C, diploma in march 1983

MS-DOS – qualified and certified
psychology by PhD. Leo Pannekoek – Doorwerth – Holland (qualified)
Linux / Unix AT computing – Nijmegen (qualified and certified)
Novell Networking – Hedel Holland (qualified and certified)
Prince2 – management (certified)

Freelance ING Arnhem Holland
period: 03/2008 – 01/2013
Function: Sr. Project Service Engineer – Sr. Anti-Fraud Specialist
Branch banking, helpdesk, project support / management
Tasks: support Engineers on location, contact person to the suppliers, Project support, member of the anti-fraud team, analyze problems, making reports and job descriptions. Extensive experience in Anti-Skim / Anti-Fraud on ATM’s (cash dispensers) & Banking systems