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java, swing, struts, jsf, webservices/soa, jms, esb, xml, xslt, enz.
17 november 2012

Dutch contractor, 18 years IT, senior experience (7 years) in front-end & server-side development in Java (coming from C++/Delphi background and scientific/industrial programming in a more distant past) is looking for a new Java/J2EE opportunity.
- Sun Certified Java Programmer (JDK1.1)
- Sun Certified Java Developer (JDK2)
- Sun Certified Web Component Developer (Servlets, JSP)
- Sun Certified Java Architect-I (J2EE, EJB, design patterns, security, UML, etc.)
- OO Analysis & Design with UML (IBM-486)
- Oracle9i SQL (Oracle OCA #1Z0-007)
- Oracle9i PL/SQL (Oracle OCP #1Z0-10

Keywords agent database: Java, Hibernate, ESB, JMS, webservices, SOA, XSLT, Websphere Application Server, JSF, Spring, J2EE, JSP, Struts, Servlets, Swing, Eclipse, JUnit, EJB, UML, XML, JAXB/XSD, Rational ClearCase, Weblogic, SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle, Windows/Unix/Linux, Sun certified programmer/developer/web component developer/architect, Oracle certified PL/SQL, IBM certified Object Oriented Analysis & Design with UML, internet banking, call center, e-commerce. Fluent English, Dutch, German & basic French.

DeltaLloyd, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Windows XP
Java/Websphere 5/Eclipse/JMS /JUnit/JMS/XSD/JAXB/Peregrine
15.3.2008 - 31.9.2008
Enterprise Service Bus, Web Services Architecture, JMS
Senior Developer

Maintenance and new developments of DeltaLloyd's STEC/TIA property insurance core business software. Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)/SOA-architecture. Java programming, XML-messaging over queue's, XSLT, JAXB XML, XSD's. IBM Websphere application server administrative tasks. Enterprise Integration Patterns.

UWV via LogicaCMG, Rijswijk, Netherlands
Windows XP
Java/Hibernate/Spring/JDeveloper /JUnit/JMS/JBoss/XSD/JAXB/ClearQuest/ClearCase
1.10.2007 - 31.12.2007
Web: Services Architecture

Reimplementation in Java/BizTalk of core business software UWV. SOA-architecture. Java programming, XML-messaging over queue's, JAXB XML, XSD's. Required to follow ClearCase course.

Chamber of Commerce-Woerden, Netherlands
Windows XP
Java/Hibernate/Spring/Eclipse Europa/JUnit/JMS/Websphere AppServer/eXtreme Prog., Agile/Swing/XSD/JAXB/XSLT
15.4.2007 - 31.9.2007
Web: application

J2EE relaunch of the enterprise registration software of the Chamber of Commerce of the Netherlands. Many facets like java programming, XML-messaging over queue's, Swing console application, JAXB XML-Java mapping.

ANVA-Amersfoort, Netherlands
Windows XP
Java/JSF/Hibernate/Spring/Eclipse 3.2/JUnit/Jboss/Jetty/ClearCase/ Enterprise Architect
1.9.2006 - 31.12.2006
Web: application

Market leader in standard software for the dutch ensurance branche. Development in JSF/Spring/ Hibernate. Technology presentation about interesting new developments in the field of Naked Objects/Domain Driven Design.

SelectMail/U-pi, via Forest & Fields, Leiden, Netherlands
Windows XP/Linux
Java/JSF/Struts 1.2/Hibernate 2.1/Eclipse 3.2/WTP/Axis/Oracle-10/JUnit/Resin/XML/JAXB/XSD
15.4.2005 - open
Web:/standalone applications
Designer/Developer/Tech Lead

I was hired by Forest & Fields with the explicit request of steering and guiding the technological renewal of this 5 year old IT-company. Until may 2005 this company had worked exclusively with a homegrown API around servlets/JDBC. After I left, due to my efforts, the technological pallet had evolved into: Hibernate, Struts/JSP, JUnit, JAXB/XSD, Webservices, JSF, Spring & J2EE pattern based design.

- Implementation of a web application in JSF/Spring/Hibernate for DHL. Since beginning of 2006.
- Implemented Zipcode data webservice, integrated into PromoBase. Apache Axis 1.2, Eclipse WTP-1.0.1. Developed webservice client in another project.
- Implemented 'Digital Mailbox'/TGP-Post: XML-based invoicing for large clients like UPC; using JAXB & Schemas.
- Web television project, went live in feb. Struts/Hibernate/Flash.
- Implemented (in tech lead role) Workmate, a large web application for a non-profit organisation. JUnit testing. April 21, official start of Workmate by Princess Maxima of the Netherlands in Circus Theater in The Hague.
- Introduced Hibernate, Struts & JSF/Ajax via a number of 'tech talks'
- Implemented PromoBase web application for maintenance of core base tables (logistical data like zip codes, delivery routes) of large business-to-consumer mail delivery organisation (Select Mail Nederland).

Johnson & Johnson, Turnhout, Belgium
Java/Eclipse 3.0/JSP/ATG Dynamo Portal Server
15.11.2004 - 15.12.2004

Design & Implementation of an E-mail subscription 'gear' for the corporate intranet.

Text-Logic, Netherlands
Java/Eclipse 3.0/JET native java compiler.
1.7.2004 - 15.4.2005
Web: application, Swing GUI

Greenfield project. Implementation of Web Content Management system. Easy all-in-browser content capturing and storing to XML-based repository. Viewing/editing data in rtf-based text-editor (Swing).

European Patent Office, Munich, Germany
Java/Swing/Eclipse/MagicDraw UML/JProfiler
1.11.2003 - 1.06.2004
Networked Swing GUI

Maintenance and extensions to the core application software infrastructure used by thousands of patent examiners in both Munich and The Hague. UML diagramming, XML, Application Profiling (JProfiler).

Glaverbel, Brussels, Belgium
Oracle JDeveloper 9.0.3, Swing GUI client, EJB server, J2EE
1.8.2003 - 1.11.2003
Swing laptop clients, EJB server

Design and development of customer relation management system for one of Europe´s largest glass producers. Upload of sales reports and download of customer data. To be used by Glaverbels sales representatives.

IBM/Peugeot, Paris, France
Websphere 5.0, J2EE, TogetherJ
1.4.2003 - 1.8.2003
Web: application

E-diag project, to be used by Peugeots garages world wide. Automatic car fault diagnosis. Responsible for architecture and design with UML and implementation with Eclipse.

Hypovereinsbank Munich/
Razorfish Hamburg/D
Windows-NT, Weblogic Appl. Server 5.1, Oracle-8
Java/JSP/XML/EJB/ Servlets
15.5.2000 - 1.5.2002.
Internet: PC-Client /Unix-Server (production).
Senior programmer/analyst/ Architect/Teamleader

Played prominent role in J2EE relaunch of the banking/trading/stock data/real estate site of the Hypovereinsbank (ranks as worlds 5th bank based on balance total). Initially work was carried out for the front end design subcontractor Razorfish, an american top brand internet company, later for the other subcontractor in the project, abaXX/Stuttgart. Played pivotal role in defining the java architecture of front end layer, based on Java/JSP/Servlet/EJB/XML/DHTML. On 30.4.2002 I was the longest serving external on the project.

OHRA/Logica, Arnhem NL (Life Insurance)
40 hrs/4 days a week
Windows-NT 4.0
Visual Age 2.0 Java, RMI, IBM-MQSeries, JDBC, SQL-Server.
1.2.2000 - 1.4.2000
Internet: PC-Client /PC-Server/IBM-Mainframe.

First Java project. Main task: making available of client mainframe data to internet/intranet. Multilayered design, using java servlets and rmi for layer communication. Analysis /implementation/ testing.

Bosch Telecom, Salzgitter (near Hannover) D
Windows-NT 4.0/98
Delphi-5/Interbase 5.6/ InstallShield 5.5 prof./ Erwin database design
26.4.1999 - 1.2.2000
PC-Client /Server
Senior programmer/analyst/designer

Analysis/design/implementation/testing of a paging server as part of a Bosch standard product marketed world wide. Complete redesign and implementation from scratch. Database design. Preparation of install CD with InstallShield, including scripting. Language german.

Aspect Telecommunication/ Zürcher Kantonalbank, /Zürich/CH
Windows-NT 4.0/AIX-Unix
Delphi-4/Oracle 7.3
6.10.1998 - 8.3.1999
PC-Client /Server & Call Center ACD hardware
Senior programmer/analyst/ designer/management

Analysis/design/implementation/testing of an overall call center exploitation application. Full lifecycle project presence incl. production phase. Networking protocols Corba and Socket-programming. Interfacing with call center ACD hardware (CTI). Database design. Language german. Management Tasks. Responsible for main design documents.

Computer Science Corporation, Munich, D
Oracle Designer-2000/Oracle Forms 4.5 & Reports 2.5/PL-SQL
1.1.1998 - 31.9.1998
PC-Client /server
Senior programmer/analyst

Analysis/design/implementation of a standard GSM-Telecommunication billing and customer service package OpenIsis/Phoenix, used by several customers worldwide.
International project; languages english and german.

International Committee of the Red Cross, Systor, Geneva, CH
Windows NT-4.0./95
Delphi 3 / MS SQL Server 6.5
12.5.1997 - 31.12.1997
Senior programmer/analyst

Analysis/design/implementation of a person-tracing application, used at more than 60 conflict areas worldwide, covering millions of prisoners/refugees. OOD-tool: Paradigm plus.
International project; languages english, german and french.

Dutch Ministery of Public Works, Den Bosch, NL
MS-Windows NT-4.0/95 C/S, SQL Server 6.5
Delphi 2 / MS SQL Server 6.5
1.10.1996 until 31.1.1997
PC-Client /server
Senior programmer/analyst

CONSYS: contract administration system to be used in all 17 Dutch provincial ministerial departments. In the first 3 weeks development of a generic authorization module for configuring the user interface (could be used in any Delphi application) as well as finishing the prototype.

SEMA/Bayer, Cologne, D
Windows NT 3.5, Oracle7
Visual C++ 4.0
1.7.1996 until 1.10.1996
PC-Client /server
Senior programmer/analyst

RACER: international project, implementation of a control system for a robot-controlled distribution plant for the pharmaceutical industry.

Computer Science Corporation, Ford Europe, Cologne, D
Windows 3.1/95; SCO/AIX-Unix, Informix
Visual C++ 4.0, AT&T C++, Delphi
1.9.1994 until 1.7.1996
Senior programmer/analyst

DCAS: Europe-wide Ford dealer parts & services application. Parts selection from CD- ROM. Informix database. Migrating to Microsoft Visual C++ 4.0, Windows95. OOD- restructering. Maintenance and new functionality. RCS/MKS source management tool.
A pilot project was carried out to evaluate the merrits of Delphi as a successor for the AT&T tool, using InterBase, IDAPI facilities.International project.

Alcatel/Bell Telephone, Antwerp, B
Windows 3.1
Borland Pascal 7.0
6.3.1994 until 1.7.1994
Programmer, designer

Implementation (and some design) of a shell-application that integrates about 60 existing DOS/Windows-applications on customer-registration, cabling and production-control of System-12 telephone exchanges. MDI/Client-Server application according. To be used at Alcatel world-wide.

CVI (Dutch Railways), Utrecht, NL
Windows 3.1
Borland C++ & Applic. Frameworks 3.1/Borland Pascal 7.0
14.9.1993 until 3.3.1994
Programmer, designer

Conversion of the well-known 'Journey Planner' (most sold and used PC-application in the Netherlands) from DOS to Windows 3.1. Additionally extension of functionality of the 'Benelux Journey Planner' and smaller modifications of the 'British Rail Journey Planner'. Implementation of an educational journey planner for secondary schools.

Nationale Nederlanden (ING), Rotterdam, NL
Turbo Pascal 6.0/Turbo Vision, B-Tree filer
7.12.1991 until 20.12.1992

Markis-project: integration external employees Nationale Nederlanden-Life Insurance (ca. 300 persons) via PC-telephone-network with mainframe.

1.11.1987 - 1.11.1991: programmer on a wide range of IT-projects for Volvo Car Helmond, Dutch Railways Utrecht (journey planner, most used appl. in the Netherlands), ING Rotterdam and E.C.T. Rotterdam (all in the Netherlands).