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Teamlead Security T-Systems
Den Haag
per direct

General: Final High School Examination (VWO)
University of Saarland Province
* Economics
* MultiSystems
* Professional presentation
* Practical diploma Middle Management
* Ambassador Training
* Written reporting I + II
* Time Management

Informatics Control Data Institute (Germany)
* Computer Expert (together with the study economics comparable with HEAO-BI in NL)
* Included the following IBM training:
* MVS/XA, MVS/ESA, JES2, JCL, Cobol, PL/1, CICS, VTAM, SNA, IMS, DL/1, MS-Cobol, PC Assembler (basics), "C" (basics), Unisys

Operator Training
* Operating System MCP (A-series)

Computer Associates
* CA-7 Operational
* CA-7 Administrator

* OPC/A and OPC/ESA Implementation and Use
* RACF introduction
* Basics Networking
* Netview, functions & applications
* Netview AOC
* DB2 Administrator
* Multi Systems
* UNIX AX013
Security & Various
* Streamweaver
* Doc1
* Bdoc
* Topdesk
* How to be audited, Sox
* Introductie Informatiebeveiliging CIBIT
* Official ISC2-10 days CISSP Master Class
* Infrastructure Baseline Security (Trust Domain) 1.5 days
* Application Baseline Security 1.5 days
* European context, CISSP
* IRAM (Shell risk assessment methodology)
* ISO 270001 Foundation, DNV / CIBIT
* Information Security Governance, DNV / CIBIT
* Logging and Auditing, DNV / CIBIT

Prog' languages: MS-Cobol, Cobol, PL/1, JCL
Hardware: IBM 4381, 3081, 3090, 3390, ES9000, AS/400, HDS EX, several PC's (XT, AT, X86), Unisys A- series (A3, A5, A9), V-series, (B930,B1900), Siemens 7XXX, SUN SparcStation
Operating Systems: MVS/SP, MVS/XA, MVS/ESA, VM/ESA, MS-DOS, (Unix basis), MCP, MS- Windows `95 & '98&2000 & XP
Databases: IMS, DL/1, VSAM, DB2
Networking: SNA/VTAM, NCP
Tools : OPC/A, OPC/ESA, OPC/Graph, OPC/JCL Splitter, OPC/JCL Redesign, ISPF, SDSF, TSO, PDF, XEDIT, CICS, RACF, Infoman, CA-1, CA-7, CA-11, CA-ROSCOE, CA-OPERA, PANLINK, ADC/2, Topdesk
Additional exp: MS-Word, MS-Project, MS-Multiplan, MS-Windows 3.0, 95, Norton Utilities, Norton Editor, dBase III plus, Lotus 123, Symphonie, WordPerfect 4.2, 5.1, DrawPerfect, Kedit, Xtools, PCTools, ABC-Flowcharter, Profs, InfoMan, Service level reporter, Lotus Notes, Word Pro,Lotus notes, Internet, Netscape,Gpcs, Cpma, MS Office, MS Outlook, DB2, several presentation tools
Working experience
* Maintaining all computer hardware, the data communication network and all I/O (periphery) hardware
* Operating the hardware, supervising the processing progress, the functionality of the mainframe and the availability of the data communication network
* Detecting and signalling of breakdowns and executing the actions of the work instruction documentation
* Reporting by INFO/MAN & NETMAN tools

* Acting as a central focal point for users, who have questions or report problems concerning central, de-central and/or personal computer usage
* Solving of problems in cooperation with users
* Taking care of a good vice versa communication (balanced) between involved departments in order to achieve a satisfying solution of the upcoming problems and monitoring the quick working off process of it
* Advising the department management how to take preventing measures in order to stimulate right and effective computer use

Production attendant
* Setting up and surveying production plans using OPC/ESA.
* Taking care that all information and material, necessary for processing, is available, complete and on time at the several phases of production
* Setting priorities and determining of the right sequence of all programs to be processed and if necessary changing them
* Initiating of corrective measures because of breakdowns, differences, errors etc. during processing (also repair measures)
* Advising concerning the production process during the development or update of IT systems. Judging from a processing technical point of view new IT systems due to be taken into production and advising about the acceptance of them.
* Taking care of day to day housekeeping and security management (Racf)

Operations analyst
* Analysing and evaluating of the quality of the service at the organization and advising about improvements for it
* Advising about the necessity for performing changes in the hardware environment, (system-en operating) programs and infrastructural equipment (all OS/390 subsystems)
* Judging of changes in the "production environment" regarding consequences for the service (risk and quality), plus supervising the changing process
* Acceptance based on fixed norms of changes in the system- and operating programs, plus advising about the establishment of those norms
* Supervising the adherence of the established procedures and working instructions and establishing measures if the planned processing method has to be changed
* Participating in following projects - identifying the logical applicative environment of AT&T on a multi business MVS system and moving it to a AT&T only MVS system, moving and splitting an applicative MVS production of IBM into two parts after sale of Global network to AT&T, migration of the AT&T part to another MVS system in the UK with Trial in Portsmouth without network, moving the OPC/ESA environment from the new system to a central OPC system with 9 OPC's in UK, the introduction of OPC/A, optimalisation of OPC/ESA, optimalisation of a membership administration system, optimalisation population selection system, travelling booking system, cinema-administration system
Intermediate function ICT and economy :
* Process consultancy
* Organisation consultancy during reorganisation
* IT Problem shooting regarding the achievement of maximum. Revenue (technical & commercial role)
* Advising at the translation of the overall company strategy to the tactical ICT-policy
* Delivering active input concerning external developments/changes and consequences of it - Performing of impact analyses in order to judge the consequences and follow ups of the proposed organisational and IT-adjustments

Coaching and supervising :
* Advising during intake procedure of new personnel
* Educating and coaching of new colleagues
* Chairman of the daily production-status meeting (motivating Meeting participants)

Teamlead security & compliance Global Storage

Tech team lead security & compliance team in Malaysia. 4 teammembers. Merge of 2 storage
organizations to one as part of outsourcing transformation. Coordinating and creating
compliance for SAN, BACKUP & RESTORE & NetAPP environment. Sox. Iso27001. SAS70

Information Security Focal Point Global Storage : GI-Storage Information Security Focal Point (ISFP)
Or Security Consultant, procedural not operational
The GI-Storage ISFP defines the processes and procedures as required by the GI-S Global Information Security Team. The ISFP steers the direction of the GI-S Information Security virtual team, working with the FP's within each GI-S support area to ensure consistent implementation of Information Security policies and procedures throughout ITDS/ITPS operations. The GI-Storage ISFP is a Service Engineering (SE) role.
* To communicate security policy and procedures within GI-S;
* Interviewing all service lines technicians in order to investigate the present infrastructure (EU, US, ML)
* Documenting the findings and existing security relevant documents
* Preparing the upcoming global Trust Domain Audit
* Participating the TD Audit hold by KPMG auditors
* Delivering evidence for the requests coming out of the interviews
* Initiating changes in the environment and processes
* Transition security & compliance activities from EU & US to Malaysia
* Outsourcing from SHELL ICT to T-Systems
* Transformation from Shell Trust Domain security framework to ISO27001 framework
* Coordinates security changes and issues with GI-D Information Security and SecOps;
* To support the GI-S Global Service Manager in ensuring that services and other activities conform to ITDS/ITPS Information Security Policies, Procedures and Standards
* To provide technical support to the Information Security Coordinator (ISC);
* Ensure SOx control compliance
* Develop auditing processes to ensure GI-S storage devices maintain standard security configuration as defined in the GI-S Access and Security Model;
* Develop and maintain baseline security TD script reports applied to GI-S NetAppFilers;
* Assess and test security changes
* Advise Run and Maintain and Technical Project Lead teams on new security requests, and design filer, SAN access model that is aligned with the GI-S Access and Security Model;
* Develop and maintain GI-S Access and Security Model
* Write security processes and procedures according to TD and SOx rules/controls and ISIP
* Provide security advice and training to R&M, TPL, application support especially in Malaysia
* Conduct internal reviews of GI-S Information Security processes and procedures
* Participate in the GI-S Service Change Forum (SCF)
* Deliverables: a)Self-appraisal of own business / support unit (i.e. TD SAQ, Healthchecks);
Report Information Security incidents and weaknesses as they are identified; Ownership of Information Security Compliance dashboard reporting for GI-S; Coordinate, submit, and work with staff as appropriate to document Trust Domain (security baseline) step-outs within GI-S; Develop and maintain Information Security Plan and Management Framework for GI-S that is aligned with the AH Information Security Plan; Implement GI-S Information Security Plan; Develop and maintain GI-S Access and Security Model for GI-S Storage devices& Servers; Participate in TD and SOx internal and external audits

2008 - heute Teamlead Security T-Systems Global storage department
Tech team lead security & compliance
team in Malaysia. 4 teammembers.
Merge of 2 storage organizations to one as
part of outsourcing transformation.
Coordinating and creating compliance for
environment. Sox. Iso27001. SAS70

2006 - today: Information Shell Global storage department,
Security focal
Point GDSM
TSM, LEGATO, UNIX, NAS, SAN, NETAPP, Sox, Trust domain Compliancy, Storage, TD audit, HDS, Passed TRUST DOMAIN AUDIT for SHELL GLOBAL STORAGE examined by KPMG, Asset management, set up global ISFP community, Asset centre, DRD, Audit trails, Service center, Kuala Lumpur, Transition coach to Malaysia (3 students);Transition security & compliance activities from EU & US to Malaysia; Outsourcing from SHELL ICT to T-Systems; Transformation from Shell Trust Domain security framework to ISO27001 framework

2005 - 2006 : Appl.specialist Support analist Documents

* Document design via Doc1, Bdoc, PCL, Streamweaver; Problem/changemgt via Topdesk. Coordination&helpdesktasks Area Nl, Be, Dui

june 2004 - 2005: Softwaredevelopper&data-administrator
* Datainventory of all german and english data relevant for my new businesspart of the guide. Entry and uploading of all gathered data to the Omegaguide. Preparing of a marketingcampaign. Actioning marketingcampaign. Technical and administrative management of the dutch, flemish, german and english part of the guide.

april 2003 - may 2004 IBM Global Services, e-business Hosting Services, Productionanalist / accounting,
Intermediair / service coordinator :
* Working as intercedent between the HypoVereinsbank Germany and the Service Delivery Center of IBM in Amsterdam concerning the IBM mainframe. Solving and coordinating of several kinds of problems and maintenance questions.
* Representative of the applicationowner Application Management Services.
* Systemadministrationtaks such as setting up and controling houseking, setting up security matrixes and implementing them in the organisation. (RACF)
* Global focal point for the physical connections of the mainframe with other systems globally.
* Databasemanagementtasks (operational and structural) concerning DB2, QMF, SQL and BRIO
* Business Controls tasks concerning the mainframe.
* Activities E-business Accounting: Responsible for the operational and technical support concerning connectivity and JCL, steering plus coordination of actions for solving problems. Problem and change activities. Technical admin. OPC/ESA, control of plannings and adapting in case of differences. Implementing several OPC/ESA applications. Controlling and administr. of IBM internal and international accounting applications plus taking care of internal and external communication. Acting as OPC/JCL intermediair between dep. service management and the collegues of C/BIS. Building new OPC-infrastructure concerning proces and performance improvement. DB2,RACF,BRIO and DFHSM supporter and interface to the users community. Processing of accounting reports plus sending them to customers, making available of them in our electronic teamroom.
* Teammember SNA-IP project (System network architecture; Internet protocol)
* Member IES project (International Enterprise Services)
* Member Move to Boulder(US) project
* Member Global resource project. (Migrating operations tasks to China,6 weeks on site training and 3 weeks off site training of 2 chinese collegues)
* Working area : EuropeMiddleEastAsianpacific. Lang.: English, Dutch, German, French

dec 2002 - april 2003 : Own e-business project, Softwaredevelopper
* Participation technical setup Omegaguide on Internet, (multilingual).
* Datainventarisation of all Dutch and flemish data relevant for my businesspart of the guide. Implementing amd uploading of all gathered data to the Omegaguide.
* Preparing marketingcampaign. Processing marketingcampaign.
* Technical and administrative administration of the Dutch and Flemish part of the guide.Customer relations management incl. helpdesk activities.

Period : September 1997 - dec 2002
Branch : Business Services (IBM&AT&T)
Function : Production Analyst / Accounting, Coordinator, focal point for all EMEA countries, coach
Hardware: IBM Es/9000, Pc-Lan
Prog' languages : Jcl
Ops Systems MVS/Esa, VM/Esa, OS/390
Databases Vsam, DB2
Tools : Cics, Ispf/Tso, Opc/Esa, Racf, Profs, Infoman, Css, Prisma, Qirus, Netview/Ftp, Ibts, Ifx, Rdm, Ccmail, Word Pro, Lotus Notes, Netscape, Ms Outlook, Ms Office, Gpcs, Cpma, Brio, Ms Excel, Internet Explorer, IBM Intranet, Rna, Several presentation tools.
Activities C/BIS Accounting & Internet billing, responsible for operational and technical support regarding connectivity and JCL, steering application and coordination of actions for problem solving
* Problem and change activities
* Chairman status meeting plus all administrational and analytical activities for it
* Technical OPC/ESA management, planning control and eventually adjusting in case of differences. Implementing several applications into OPC/ESA
* Migration OPC/ESA controller from one system to another Multi controller driven system
* Coaching C/BIS colleagues and educating new colleagues
* Controlling and maintaining of IBM internal and international accounting an internet billing applications, taking care of internal and external communication
* Acting as OPC/JCL intermediate between department service management and C/BIS colleagues
* Creating new OPC-infrastructure
* Regarding process and process improvements
* Project member Nelson, migration of all applicative and Technical infrastructure from one MVS system to another
* DB2, Racf, Gpcs and Dfhsm supporter and interface to the user community
Locations: : Global (Multinational)
Company languages : English, Dutch, German and French

Period : March 1997 - September 1997
Branch: IT Services Industry (IBM)
Hardware: IBM ES/9000, IBM 3390
Prog' languages: JCL
Ops Systems : MVS/ESA
Databases: VSAM, DB2
* Activities concerning the structural setup of a SLR production Environment (eight MVS systems)
* Assisting at processing and processing of the day to day production work
* Control and solving of the daily batch problems
* Coordinating & organizing activities regarding the daily production
* SLR-administrator backup function
* All activities are taken in respect of all security rules (RACF matrix) of IBM.

Period March 1996 - February 1997
Branch : IT Services Industry
Hardware: IBM ES/9000, IBM 3390
Prog' languages: JCL
Ops Systems : MVS/ESA, VM/ESA
Databases VSAM, DB2
* Taking over all OPC controlled international systems of the location Zoetermeer and moving the system management to location
* Amsterdam inclusively education of the new system manager(s) Regarding technical OPC/ESA management
* Control of daily planning and eventually adjusting differences
* Adding manually incidental applications to the current plan(on customer request)
* Bringing under control of OPC/ESA of several applications
* Updating existing application
* JCL writing
* Regarding production analytical activities
* Optimizing applicative OPC/ESA infrastructures with respect to all security rules on the system (RACF)
* Activities concerning performance improvements of OPC/ESA
* Activities against pollution of OPC databases
* Activities regarding the setup of handy OPC maintenance tools (batch-loader, mass update function)
* Participating structural changes regarding international systems( Bayerische Vereinsbank etc)

Period October 1995 - February 1996
Branch : Bank (ABN/AMRO)
Function Production Analyst (PROJECT CALL CENTER)
Hardware: IBM ES/9000
Prog' languages: JCL
Ops System: MVS/ESA
Databases: DB2, VSAM

Period : June 1995 - September 1995
Branch : IT services (ENECO)
Function Production Analyst
Hardware: Multivendor PC's (LAN's)
Prog' languages : JCL
Ops System : MVS/ESA, MS-DOS
Databases : VSAM
Tools : TLMS, CA-7, CA-11, CA-Dispatch, ISPF/TSO, CICS, RACF

Period : June 1994 - June 1995
Branch : Zakelijke dienstverlening (datacenter The Hague)
Function Production Analyst
Hardware : IBM 3090, AS/400, Sun Sparc workstation, several PC's (PC/LAN)
Prog' languages: JCL
Ops systems: MVS/ESA, MS-DOS
Databases : IMS, Datacom
Tools : CA-1, CA-7, CA-11, CA-Opera, Ca-Roscoe, ISPF/TSO, Panlink, WordPerfect 5.1, InfoMan, VSAM,

Period : March 1994 - June 1994
Branch : Travel Organisation (Holland International)
Function : Production Attendant
Prog' languages : JCL
Hardware : IBM 3090, IBM ES/9000
Ops System : MVS/ESA
Tools : ISPF/TSO, ADC/2 (scheduling system), WordPerfect 5.1, CICS, RACF

Period : January 1994 - March 1994
Branch : Travelorganisation (ANWB)
Function Production-Analyst
Prog' languages : JCL
Hardware : HDS EX (IBM ES/9000 compatible)
Ops Systems : MVS/ESA
Databases : IMS-DL/1
Tools : ISPF/TSO, OPC/ESA, OPC/Graph, OPC/JCL Splitter, OPC/JCL Redesign, VSAM, CICS, RACF

Period : November 1993 - January 1994
Branch : Bank sector (Postbank)
Function Production-Analyst (specifically OPC/A)
Prog' languages JCL
Hardware: IBM ES/9000
Ops Systems MVS/ESA
Tools : ISPF/TSO, OPC/A, WordPerfect 5.1, CA-Roscoe, CRF, CICS, RACF

Period : April 1993 - October 1993
Branch : Bank sector (Postbank)
Function Production-Analyst (specifically OPC/A)
Prog' languages: JCL
Hardware : IBM ES/9000
Ops Systems MVS/ESA
Tools : ISPF/TSO, OPC/A, WordPerfect 5.1, MS-Windows NT, CICS, RACF

Period : March 1992 - March 1993
Branch : Bank sector (Postbank)
Function Production Attendant
Prog' languages: JCL
Hardware: IBM ES/9000
Ops Systems : MVS/ESA
Tools : SPF/TSO, OPC/A, WordPerfect 5.1, CICS, RACF

Period : November 1991 - February 1992
Branch : Banksector (Postbank)
Function Production Attendant, Coach
Prog' languages: JCL
Hardware : IBM ES/9000
Ops Systems : MVS/ESA
Tools ISPF/TSO, OPC/A, WordPerfect 5.1

Period : December 1990 - October 1991
Branch : Publisher (De Telegraaf)
Function : Console and I/O Operator
Hardware: IBM 4381, IBM ES/9000
Ops Systems : MVS/ESA
Tools : CA-7, ISPF/TSO

Period : June 1990 - November 1990
Branch : Hardware producer (Unisys)
Function Systems Operator
Hardware A-series (A3, A5, A9), V-series (B930, B1900), several PC's
Ops Systems : MCP, MS-DOS
Tools Marc, Cande

Period September 1989 - May 1990
Branch : Banksector (Postbank)
Function I/O Operator

Period August 1988 - December 1988
Branch : IT services
Function : Application Programmer
Hardware : PC/XT
Prog' languages: MS/COBOL
Ops Systems : MS/DOS
Tools : Cobol compiler, Basic interpreter, Pctools, Xtools, MS Word

Period : August 1987 - July 1988
Branch: IT services
Hardware: IBM 3081, PC XT
Ops Systems : VM/SP, MS/DOS