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IT (Electronic) Engineering

In overleg
IT functie (bv testen, maar ook development)

Period: 1994 - 1996
At: Delft University of Technology, Civil & Aerospace Engineering,
As: Graduate Designers Course

College Curriculum Designers Course "Computational Mechanics"
Post Graduate Curriculum: Numerical Methods Mechanical Engineering & Physics

Period: 1993
At: Delft University of Technology, Electric Engineering,
As: Undergraduate Masters Course

Education Electric Engineer (M. Sc.), Telecommunication- & Information Technology
Specialisation: Microwave- and High Frequency Electronics

Period: 1987
At: Delft University of Technology, Electric Engineering,
As: Undergraduate Bachelors Course

Education Electric Engineer (B. Sc.), Electrical & Telecommunication Technology
Specialisation: Electronics, Telecommunication Technology

Several Courses:
Network Management: HP Open View OSI Based Training ( OTS / 9000 )
Data Communication: Workshop
Unix: Syst. Admin. (Solaris 2.x); Syst. Admin. I & II, Troublesh., Perform. & Tuning, LVM & Mirror Disk

Information Technology: Software engineering; data communications, networks & systems
El. & Math. Eng: Hardware engineering; electronics, energy, numerical analysis
General : Speed reading, Patent & Copy Right / Left, Marketing, Management, Accounting

Microsoft : Windows (3.1, 95, 98, 2000, XP, 2002 / 2003), Dos (up to 6.22); Office (97, 2000, XP, 2002): Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access
Development : (Visual ) Basic / C / C++, Shell Scripting, Java, Pascal; CAD, FEM

Electronics : Transmission media, Waveguides, Antenas, Sensors,

Period: 2006 - 2007
For: Eneco
Role: Test Specialist (Leading Project Engineer)

The creation & development of an environment for testing of smart energy meter systems

Setup of environment for analysis and test of the hard- and software of smart meter systems, already - or to be delivered

Period: 2006 - 2006
For: LogicaCMG
Role: Software Test Engineer

Test of Software (SMSC) for Telecom Applications

Test and partially development (customizing) of Application Software for handling messages (SMS, FAX, e-mail)

Period: 2005 - 2006
For: Siemens Netherlands
Role: Test- & Service System Engineer

Networks and Management of Networks and Industrial (Logistic) Processes

Support of (broadband) Networks and management of network and processes

Period: 2004 - 2005
For: British Telecom Ignite
Role: System Support Engineer

Networks and Management Support & Migration of Networks

Support & Migration of (broadband) Networks and Network Management

Period: 2003 - 2004
For: Myself (and for particular customers at non profit base)
Role: Self Starter as Volunteer

Versatile related to some private projects

Investigate (troubleshooting), evaluate, advise and support private customers with their soft- & hardware.

Period: 1998 - 2003
For: Alcatel Telecom Netherlands
Role: Test & Validation Engineer

Deliver and support of Network Management ( NM ) Systems
Deliver and support NM systems and applications for managing broadband networks; website & intranet management.

Period: 1997 - 1998
For: Debitel ( Talkline ) Benelux
Role: System Administrator

Evaluation, purchase and administration of needed ( UNIX ) systems and IT resources

Investigate, evaluate, advice, build and administrate the internal network and (mainly Solaris) systems

Period: 1996 - 1997
For: Topmaat Benelux
Role: Consultant Support Engineer

Investigation and evaluation of transmission technologies related to existing infrastructure
Investigate, evaluate and report for the advice concerning the use of copper guides (coax, ftp) for broadband applications

Period: 1994 - 1996
For: TNO Prins Maurits Laboratory &
Delft University of Technology Civil & Aerospace Engineering
Role: Post Masters trainee during Designers Course Numerical Mechanics

Numerical Analysis & Modelling of dynamic behaviour of mechanical structures

Analysis and modelling of dynamical behaviour of layered shields after impact of a projectile (using FEM)

Period: 1990 - 1991
For: NXP (Philips) Semiconductors
Role: Master trainee during Education Electric Design Engineer (MSc.)

Investigation and evaluation of Physical behaviour of Semiconductors

Compare Physical Stats of Semiconductors by Measurements and Simulations, especially Transistors

Period: 1989 - 1990
For: NOS Hobbyscoop & AMROH Radio Bulletin Magazine
Role: Student Tester

Comparison ( Analogue ) Satellite receivers for broadcasting (NOS Hobbyscoop) and publication (RB Magazine)