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Open Text Livelink consultant

01 juni 2011


* Price2 Foundation, ISES international, 2006
* Sales training for consultants, ISES international, 2006
* Adviesvaardigheden voor consultants, Atos Origin, 2006
* Training offerte schrijven, Atos Origin, 2006
* XML Skins Course, LogicaCMG, 2003
* Data modeling course, LogicaCMG, 2002
* Livelink Live Reports course, LogicaCMG, 2002
* Livelink advanced O-script course, LogicaCMG, 2002
* Livelink System Administration, Open Text, 2002
* Livelink Architecture, Open Text, 2002
* Livelink Advanced Workflow & Forms, Open Text, 2002
* Livelink Security, Open Text, 2002
* Livelink Builder Fundamentals Course, Open Text, 2002
* Livelink Knowledge Fundamentals, Open Text, 2002
* Object Oriented Analyses (OOA), LogicaCMG, 2002
* Object Oriented Basis (OOB), LogicaCMG, 2001
* Designing and Implementing Web Solutions with Microsoft Visual InterDev 6.0, Global Knowledge, 2001
* Designing and Implementing Databases with Microsoft SQL Server 7.0, Global Knowledge, 2001
* Mastering Enterprise Development Using Microsoft Visual Basic 6, Global Knowledge, 2001
* Designing and Implementing Distributed Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic, Global Knowledge, 2001
* Designing and Implementing Desktop Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic, Global Knowledge, 2001
* Analyzing Requirements and Defining Solution Architectures, Global Knowledge, 2001
* CQA CMG's Quality Approach, LogicaCMG, 2001
* BTC Basic Training Course, LogicaCMG, 2001
* HBO informatics, Haagse Hogeschool, 2000
* PowerBuilder course, Haagse Hogeschool, 1999

He started working in the ICT branche since 2001. Before that, he studies computer science.
His goal is to advice clients regarding Content Management solutions; in particular Open Text Livelink.


Atos Origin
2006 - now
Papendorpseweg 97, Utrecht, The Netherlands

He started working at Atos Origin in 2006 as a functional Livelink consultant. He started his first assignment after a week employment.

Customers and projects:
* Immersion technology company, Veldhoven, The Netherlands
This company bought the Open Text Livelink suite for global collaboration and document management. Maikel's assignment:
1. Advice the various departments and employees regarding the optimal use of Livelink.
2. Migrate current systems to Livelink.
3. Train employees.
4. Create demos and proof of concepts for various usages.

Morningstar systems
2005 - 2006

Laan Nieuwer Amstel 3, Amstelveen, The Netherlands

Maikel started working at Morningstar systems with a contract for a half year. This company is specialized in Open Text products and is partner of Interwoven.

Customers and projects:
* Large oil company, Rijswijk, The Netherlands
This company uses Livelink to store large multimedia files. Opening these files using the web interface is a time-consuming task. Maikel's assignment is to find a solution, using a custom made module to shorten the time to download and open a multimedia file, stored in Livelink.

* Mental health institution, Nootdorp, The Netherlands
The goal of this project is to install, configure, migrate and train users of the company in Open Text Livelink and web content management solution. This project is done with Open Text. Maikel did the definition study and created a functional specification.

* Insurance company, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
The goal of this project was to digitalize the archive. This is done using scan software, workflows, records management. A link with an external financial suite was made.

* European health organization, Bilbao, Spain
A feasibility study is done with regards to making a translation overall view process, using the workflow functionality of Livelink.

2001 - 2005

Kralingseweg 241-249, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

In 2001, Maikel began his carreer at CMG in Rotterdam. He started with a masterclass MCSD. The course is not completed due to an opportunity in CMG's Livelink team. Maikel did certification training at Open Text in Hoofddorp, where he received the 'Livelink consultant' certificate in 2001.

Customers and projects:
* Recruitment department LogicaCMG, Amstelveen
LogicaCMG's recruitment department uses a Livelink module, named Application Tracking System (ATS). This module enables the LogicaCMG departments to centralize the data of applicants.
Maikel's job was to train the users, do bug fixing, plan and implement new functionalities.

* Various Livelink customers
Part of the job was to support, do bug fixing of modules, implement new Livelink instances and create new modules for LogicaCMG's customers.

* DMV International, Veghel
Create reports that presents information about the usage of Livelink within the organization.

* Campina, Zaltbommel
Change the presentation of Livelink to match the new style of the company.

* Autoriteit Financiele Markten (AFM), Amsterdam
The result of AFM's growth was that the back office needed help to handle the requests of the end-users. Maikel's job was to professionalize the helpdesk, create training material for new employees and advice the organization to handle the growth of the system.

* Large oil company, Rijswijk
Maikel did the second line support and did data migration from other systems and Livelink instances.

* Livelink team LogicaCMG, Rotterdam
Maikel did the third line support for users of LogicaCMG's internal Livelink instance. Maikel also planned the creation of new, generic Livelink modules.

* Large oil company, Capelle a/d Ijsel
The job was to help in a migration project. All computers and software of the company was replaced with faster systems, running on Windows 2000. Maikel planned the training of employees, as well as plan the migration of the machines.