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Software Designer/Architect

Education: Masters degree in Theoretical Physics
Minors in Medical Physics and applied Mathematics.
Bachelor degree Chemistry

IT Courses: Object Oriented Analyses and Design.
Use of Infinity C++ Libraries, a Tool for building Risk Functionality.
Skill Matrix

Skill level runs from 1 (very basic knowledge) to 10 (expert knowledge )

Skill Level

Languages: & Dev. Tools

15 Years
14 Years
14 Years
4 Months
12 Years
5 Years
3 Years
4 Months
1 Year
6 months
Visual Studio
15 Years
Visual source safe
4 Years
Infinity F++
4 Months
Infinity F++
4 Months
4 Months
Paradigm +
4 Months
4 Months
STL Libraries
4 Months

1 Year
3 Years
MS SQL Server
2 Years
2 Years
Operating Systems
Windows 2000
5 Years
Windows 2000 Server
3 Years
Win XP Professional
3 Years
8 Months
2 Years
4 Months

OO Design (C++ )
4 Years
Windows GUI Design
10 Years
Web: Design
3 Years
Project Management (Technical)
5 Years
Financial Derivatives Math. Models
3 Years
2 Years
1 Year
1 Year
1 Year

Working Experience

Web: Confidential Shareware Application:
Development of Web Confidential, a Password Manager using strong Cryptography, see Tools: Visual C++ GUI design, MFC Libraries.

Web Confidential is an intuitive, easy-to-use program for managing user IDs, passwords, registration numbers, PIN numbers, credit card numbers, and the like. Web Confidential allows Web surfers to store URLs, user IDs, and passwords in one secure location.To ensure the personal information stored in Web Confidential remains confidential, the program's password files can be encrypted using state-of-the-art encryption technology. For trial version visit Web Site:

Business Case: International Flight Permit Web Services:
Period: January 2002-December 2004
Company: ABS
Post: Lead Senior Software Engineer /Architect
Programming languages: C++, ASP ,XML, VB Script, Java Script.
Operating systems: Windows 2000 Server
Databases: MySQL 4.1
Tools: Microsoft Developer Studio 6.0, Visual InterDev.

Activities: Development of an automatic Internet Flight Permit Web-Service.
Business Analyses of both the Front End and Back End Business logic.
Design and Implementation. The web services handles automatically all the bureaucratic hassle involved when acquiring an overflight /landing flight permit.

Lead Software Architect role. Business logic, GUI design, database design of XML data structure and XSL style-sheets.The Web service uses ASP-Script, JavaScript, XML-DOM and XSL techniques in corporation with a MY SQL 4.1 Database to automatically handle a Flight Permit request, using the WWW.

Home Page:

Contract Activities

Project 1

Period: October 2000- October 2001
Company: NUON (Energy Trading Company)
Post: Senior Software Engineer / Risk Management Tool Designer
Programming languages: Visual C++, XML, ASP, VB, Windows Scripting Host, VB Script, Java Script.
Operating systems: Windows NT
Databases: Oracle
Tools: Energy Trading Applications KWI- KW2000/3000. Microsoft Developer Studio 6.0
Oracle 8i, SQL Server 7.0

Activities: Lead Senior Software Engineer. Business Analysis, designing and developing option model Libraries in C++ Using OO techniques. Experience with Energy trading systems like KW2000/3000. Building customized Excel Libraries to be used by the Energy traders. Building models for developing Energy forecasts. Building business tools for the risk management department. Translating trading contracts into business solutions. Data transfer via XML data streams. Using ASP as Server Side Technology, building COM object to use with ASP Scripts. Building VB scripts to extract energy trade data from Web Sites. Developing and Writing Test Scripts
Project 2

Period: October 98- April 2000
Company: Intergraph
Post: Senior Software Engineer / Designer
Programming languages: Visual C++,C
Operating systems: Windows NT
Databases: Oracle
Tools: Microsoft Developer Studio 5.0

Activities: Lead Senior Software Engineer within the SCAN (GIS) Project for KPN Dutch Telecom. 12 $ Million project. Client Server application development of a system, which can process a full, set of geographical Maps, digitally. The Database consists of some 250.000 Maps. Web based Application which reduces the maintenance of the Application considerably .Using CGI Technology a dll handles all the requests, which come from the different clients. The dll connects with to the Oracle Database and returns the information back to the Client. CGI scripts using C/C++ code are applied. GUI design for the Web Side Interface. Prototype building of GIS application using ASP, GeoMedia, GeoMedia WebMap.

Project 3

Period: April 98- July '98
Company: Kas -Clearing (Supports facilities for the Amsterdam Exchange)
Post: Software Engineer / Designer
Programming languages: C++
Operating systems: VAX-VMS/Windows NT
Databases: DB2
Tools: With Class 4.0 / VAX -VMS Compiler / STL Libraries

Activities: Developing an OO-design and writing the implementation code for a Generic Interface. The interface is an application which runs on a Server and which function it is to handle the communication from a Stock Market Trader PC to any Stock market system. OO Deisgn Techniques are applied. The system will in the first release support two Stock Markets; London Exchange and the German Exchange.

Project 4

Period : October 97- March '98
Company: Computer Management Group ( CMG)
Post: Software Engineer / Designer
Programming languages: Visual C++ ,C
Operating systems: Windows NT
Databases: DB2
Tools: Visual C++
CAST (Software Testing Tool )

Activities: Development of a Bulk payment system for the ABN-AMRO.The system handles large amount of electronic foreign payments for several countries throughout the world. Developing land specials; code which has to be written for specific conversions of payments in land-specific formats. Computer aided testing of the developed software

Project 5

Period: April 97- October 1997
Company: KPN Telecom
Post: Software Engineer / Designer
Programming languages: Visual C++ and MFC Libraries.
Operating systems: Windows NT
Databases: MS Access
Tools: Visual C++

Activities: Design and implementation of EuroChip, a system which will allow customers to use their purchased telephonecard in all the public payphone in the countries which participate. Writing and editing the design documents for the system, implementation of the prototype, GUI design. Cooperation with KPN Research. Councelling other project members.
Project 6

Period: August '96- January '97
Company: ABN AMRO ( Bank )
Post: Software Engineer / Designer
Programming languages: C++
Operating systems: Windows NT ,Unix
Databases: SyBase
Tools: SoftBench (Unix C++ Compiler )
Paradigm + - OO Design Tool
Infinity Libraries, Fin++ Classes

Activities: Large Risk Management Project. Worked on the design and implementation of a large IT system that calculates trading risks from raw trade information. The system is mainly used for calculating Risks in the field of Derivatives Risks. Worked on the design and implementation of the Risk Loader part, the part of the IT system which has to load the trade information into the Risk Engine. The Risk Engine is the part of the system, which does the actual Risk Calculations.

Project 7

Period: March 96 -July '96
Company: Philips TASS (Eindhoven)
Post: Software Engineer
Programming languages: Visual C++ and MFC Libraries
Operating systems: Windows 3.1/3.11
Databases: -
Tools: Visual C++ version 1.52c, Microsoft Word, File Version Control Systems
Activities: Developing and designing a software Tool which aids lighting designers select and evaluate lighting systems for office and industrial applications.Several versions of the programme known as CalcuLux Area, Indoor , Road

Project 8

Period: December 95 -March 96
Company: Ultimate Technology
Post: Windows 95 C++ Software Engineer
Programming languages: Visual C++ and MFC Libraries.
Operating systems: Windows 95
Databases: -
Tools: Visual C++
Activities: Developing a Windows 95 based CAD / CAM printed circuit design program.

Project 9

Period: September 1995- November 95
Company: ICT
Post: Technical developer, consultant
Operating systems: Dos,Windows,Apple
Programming languages: C,C++
Tools: Visual C++ and MFC Libraries NeuronData
Activities: Designing and developing a User Interface for an automatic system for the financial transactions

Project 10

Period: June 1995- September '95
Company: Nielsen Marketing Research
Post: Programmer,consultant
Operating systems: Dos,Windows
Programming languages: Infact Macro language
Tools: Inf*Act Marketing Database management system, Report Writer, Inf* Act Command-Laguage,Excel, Word.
Activities: Developing programs in the Inf* Act language for clients of Nielsen in order to ease the use of the Program Inf*Act. In writing the series Files one has to combine the knowledge of the Program Inf*Act with knowledge of marketing and marketing techniques. Developing a library of series files in order to maintain the application better in the future. Maintenance and development of new applications. Consulting internally to the department concerning programming and management

Project Management

Period: March 89 -January '91
Company: Ministry of Defence, Royal Dutch Airforce
Post: Technical Project Manager
Activities: Managing Technical Projects. Initiating and monitoring several technical based projects. The need for the projects arose as a result of the activities of the Airforce

Making financial analyses for the projects, if necessary looking for funds. Initiating the projects, dealing with subcontractors (Scientific research institutes) monitoring the projects, Accounting, Writing reports for the Airforce Staff concerning the results of projects Giving advise to the Staff in policy matters and technical matters.