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International project manager

Software ontwikkelings projecten


Specialist in the project management of the design, implementation of information database systems, Internet based business solutions for project and administrative management.

1. KEY QUALIFICATIONS: (a) Experience with Local Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe (b) EU procedures incl RAG/PPF experience // General Aid programming procedure experience (Phare, bilateral programmes) since 1992. (c) Information Management Expert including data gathering and information dissemination in CEE countries (d) Experienced in on site and off site assistance training, (e) computer software, (f) hardware and networking services to Public Administrations and Private Sector. (g) Multi Project Management, IT Human Resource recruitment in CEE and International Project Management Experience.
1. COUNTRY EXPERIENCE: Romania, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Baltic States, Montenegro, Bosnia – Herzegovina, Bulgaria
France, The Netherlands, USA, Belgium, Germany.