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Senior consultant / project manager
Freelance uitdagingen

Training, Education and Qualifications
Master classes:
Prof. Dr. A. van Staden - The world after September 11th
Prof. Dr. J. de Vries - Political Sociology of Dutch politics
Prof. Dr. J. van den Berg - Dutch forming of new Cabinet
Wireless communication
Prince2 additions
Mandrake & RedHat Linux courses (Internet courses)
Product Development Methodology (KPNQwest internal)
EWR Billing (Energy billing for water and electricity) (Frankfurt Germany EWR)
3rd year Open University "Bestuurskunde"
1978 Mathematics
1971 AMBI
1967 MULO

Unix / Linux / Windows(tm) products
Program Management Methodologies
Sun Server Platforms
Mainframes IBM, Honeywell, Cyber
NASses, Routers, etc.
MS Project / Linux Desktop Project management tool
Intellisys Project desktop
LAN/WAN implementation
DataBases (Oracle, Informix, MySQL)
Computer Languages (Cobol, Fortran, Pascal)

Once off jobs like: Consulting on implementing Linux at a local school
Handover job(s) to KPN from KPNQwest parts. Training in several tools for
Program / Project Management.

September 2000 - June 2002

Senior Program / Project Manager for KPNQwest, former Europe's leading
internet cable company( Joint venture of USA Qwest and Dutch KPN)

Accountable for Programs and Project with various companies in the Netherlands, UK Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Ussr, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria,

Value: ? 5 million

Development Traveller (c) product with the Product Manager.
Setup of specific Business Departments and/or Sections in Departments such as in the Sales Department, Network Control, Accounting, etc.

? Leading initial business analysis, planning, proposals and negotiations with business
? Recruiting, managing and motivating a multidisciplinary team of all business owners
? Selecting third party suppliers, negotiating service level agreements
? Selecting a technical team for the Technical Product Development
? Planning and developing software for the Product release 1.0
? Planning and implementing business architecture and infrastructure changes
? Developing and planning of the Business UAT
? Introducing business process changes and improvements

Achievements included: completing the Program within agreed budget meeting all industry quality standards. Managing change with minimal impact on the core business

January 2000 - August 2000

Consultant/Sr. Project Manager at Transavia airways, Netherlands
Airway company mostly owned by KLM

Accountable for :
Investigation (contract discussions) and implementation of KLM's CORDA Passenger system including hardware and changes on the offices throughout the world. Transvia asked also for the investigation of a new Mis.

Value: ? 1 million

Realize a new team attitude and quicker solutions for the business customers.
Setting up Y2K program for the IWS products.
Achievements included: Delivering as planned and within budget. Also the Y2K program for the IWS departments was delivered in time and within budget. Selecting staff from UK to finish the Y2K program.

June 1998 - December 1999

Consultant/Interim Manager at KLM, Netherlands
Large airway company (Joint venture with North West and Alitalia

Accountable for :
a: Interim Management of the CORDA KLM's main passenger systems development / maintenance Department
b: Interim Management of IWS (Integrated Work Station) Departments to realize the Y2K projects (over 250 programs)

Value: ? 4 million

Maintenance on KLM customer product CORDA
? Leading a multidisciplinary team of 12
? Utilizing leading edge software such as TPF, Assembler

Achievements included: Training finished of a new Team atitude as required by Management. All corrective maintenance calculated, planned and delivered as
KLM was used to.

June 1997 - May 1998

Consultant at EWR Gmbh, Germany
Energie Werke Rheinland-Westfahlen is an electricity company

Accountable for :
Seting up a Dutch subsidiary together with 5 collegues. Together with new Sales Manager selling the software product and implementing it at the customer site.

Value: ? 0.5 million

Setting up new business
? Consultancy at large Dutch company delivering gas & electricity both to
companies and to privat customers
? Implementing a new SUN, Unix based system bith hard- and software. The product
maintains usage and the billing to customers

Achievements included: Full conversion from old systems(!). Delivering in time and budget as contractual was agreed. New system started for 2000 in full motion!

November 1996 - May 1997
Dutch governmental department of Rijkswaterstaat Directie Noordzee
Interim Manager, Rijswijk, The Netherlands

Accountable for :
Outsourcing IT maintenance department, helpdesk.
Member of company wide project Rijkswaterstaat new supplier conforming EEC standards.

Value: ? 0.2 million

Achievements included: Helpdesk outsource, new supplier agreement signed

June 1996 - October 1996
Consultant at Shell Headquarters The Hague, Netherlands

Accountable for :
Investigation of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd line of the Central (UK & Netherlands based) Helpdesk(s)

Value: ? 0.1 million

Achievements included: Delivered in time and within budget

June 1995 - May 1996
Interim Manager at Environmental service in the Province Zuid-Holland,
Dordrecht, Netherlands

Accountable for :
Day to day management of the IT Department, New Network, New Computers, Setting up a GIS department, GIS Drechtsteden solution.

Value: ? 0.4 million

Achievements included: As member of steering committee Drechtsteden I achieved the deliverance of an GIS system for the Drechtsteden (a number of municipalities around 2 great rivers in the Netherlands) Delivered an internal GIS department at the Milieudienst.
Maintained the department within budget. All equipment was renewed and changed from DOS to Windows95,

February 1995 - May 1995
Project Manager at Kadaster, Apeldoorn, Netherlands

Accountable for :
? Pilot project (without government agreement) connecting the "Kadaster" to the "GBA's"

Value: ? 0.5 million

Achievements included: Project delivered within 3 months fully operational although not allowed by government

March 1987 - December 1994
Project Manager at NEA, Rijswijk, Netherlands

Accountable for :
? Project for municipality Amsterdam Public Transport GVBA
? "Inzetmodel rijdend personeel & materieel" HTM The Hague
? Taximodel price comparison Dutch cities
? WROOV Common investigation on behalve of government divided money over the companies for public transport in the Netherlands
? Migration from mainframe cyber to VAX equipment

Value: ? 0.6 million largest project

Achievements included: Delivering of a totally new PC based system called Inzetmodel
HTM The Hague meaning a computer model where you can enter data for new Tram & Bus lines, distances, number of expected passengers, cost of infrastructure per traject part, etc. Then the model calculates the price for a new line.
Migration with hundreds of Cyber (Cobol / Fortran) programs converted to the VAX equipment. Deliver a brand new "Taximodel". Sold new systems to GVBA Amsterdam.

August 1976 - January 1987, Sedgwick UK, Amsterdam, Netherlands
a: Manager IT Departments
b: Project Manager

Accountable for :
a: Daily IT operation Amsterdam subsidiary
b: Projects in Europe for take over activities
Amsterdam Insurer/Underwriter clearance system
Idem Rotterdam system
New company accounting system EAS
Renewal systems, Life Insurance systems, Pension scheme systems, Risk Insurance's

Value: ? 5 million largest project

Achievements included: Facilitating the merger between two Amsterdam owned insurance business. Take-over studies. Introducing new insurances.

October 1975 - July 1976
Interim Manager at Gazan B.V., The Hague, Netherlands

Accountable for:
Daily operation System 3 center (50 subsidiaries delivering data, selling points)
Introducing the Kimball Price Tag System

Value: ? 0.2 million

Achievements included: Introduction of a new pricing system, changing equipment and software to work with new Kimball Price Tags.