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Telecom and Payments Consultant
engineering contracts

University of Technology of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.
Bachelor of Science degree in Technical Computer Science. Graduated in 1991.

Programming skills: CHILL, C/C++, Pascal, 80x86 Assembler, SDL, VB, RDB, SQL, JavaScript

Operating Systems: VAX/VMS, TSO, UNIX, OS/2, DOS, HP/UX, POSIX, SOLARIS, Linux

Software develop tools: SDW, Interleaf, Visual SourceSafe, Sun Workshop, QAC

T-Mobile, Den Haag, The Netherlands 09/10 – present
Business Analyst

Responsible for Business requirement analysis for CRM services and applications on T-mobile portals. These are CRM services and applications on consumer portals as well as on portals for the customer service and commercial departments. Main responsibilities include establishing the functional requirements with the Business client, making feasibility study and requirement translation into technical detailed design requirements for the developers. This also includes delivery of development life-cycle quotes for department accounting.

Tools: MS Visio, TOAD, Remedy, SharePoint

GlobalCollect, Hoofddorp, The Netherlands 08/10 – 09/10
Software Architect and Project Manager

On an assignment to project manage and implement a project for online IATA Airline payments processing with airline itinerary through Scandinavian acquirer SEB Euroline. My responsibility covered the full life-cycle from requirement analysis with the acquirer until achieving accreditation from the acquirer.

Programming languages and Operating systems: C, SQL (Ingres & Oracle), HPUX, Linux, shellscript
Tools: MS Project, RCS, MS Visio, Gdb, SDW, TOAD

BBned, Hoofddorp, The Netherlands 06/09 – 03/10
Business Architect/Analyst

Responsible as IT Architect/Analyst for gathering and challenging the business requirements for the wholesale broadband order delivery and provisioning system and determine the best IT solution given the current application landscape. Analyse and translate business requirements to technical solutions, making Impact Analyses on IT application systems and processes. Responsible for the functional completeness of the development phase and integration test phase. Also concerned with development process and quality improvement initiatives. All phases of the project done in an Agile process environment.

In this project I was leading an Agile-team of 4 development FTEs.

IT skills: Oracle SQL, MS Visio, Cramer 4, Mantis, TOAD

Interim Period 09/08 – 05/09
On paternity leave and following Prince2 course, next to some small development assignments home based for the payments industry.

GlobalCollect, Hoofddorp, The Netherlands 04/05 – 08/08
Software Architect and Project Manager

Responsible for the functional and technical analysis, design and development of Back-Office applications for the banking industry, with focus on the Payment Service Provider business. This included design and implementation of applications for, among others, international card settlement processing at several acquiring-banks, banking-report processing for payments matching, billing specification, processing of direct debit submission files and several other online payment methods (like eWallets, Prepaid cards etc.). This involved, among others, processing of SWIFT FIN protocols (MT103, MT940 etc.) and APACS specifications.

A major part within this period I fulfilled the position of Project Manager. Within this role I successfully lead several projects for processing with new payment acquirers, upgrades to new market requirements (like 3D secure, PCI-DSS), customer-tailored services within the payment industry like detailed billing information integration (for the telecomms industry), optimal rate conversion calculation system. This role included the functional and technical analysis of the requirements and management of development and test resources for these projects as well. Furthermore I was responsible for the overall care of the internal processes within the company for a successful and reliable operation of the new requirements.

Next to this I was part of a team to improve and professionalize the development processes.

Since beginning 2008 I fulfilled the role as external software architect/developer, mainly based from home office.

Programming languages and Operating systems: C, SQL (Ingres & Oracle), HPUX, Linux, shellscript
Tools: MS Project, RCS, MS Visio, Gdb, SDW, TOAD

LogicaCMG, Rotterdam, The Netherlands 01/04 – 12/04

Contributed to a few projects, among others development of embedded Java software for the Tiny Internet Interface (TINI) processor to support datacommunication with SAMSys readers for RFID technology. I consulted internally on an acquisition offer for a large telecommunications software project for Deutsche Bahn. Furthermore I followed the Cramer 4.0 developers course at Cramer Systems in the UK.

Also I developed on some changes requests for a web-based administration and registration tool for Swisscom Mobile and on a .NET based development platform for tool developers for the SHELL project.

Programming languages and Operating systems: Java JDK, PL/SQL, JavaScript, HTML, C#, .NET, Visual SourceSafe

Short-term projects 04/03 – 11/03
In this period, I completed various short assignments for a dental clinic in Amstelveen. Among these assignments were interior design and 3D drawing of the residential part and project managing of the construction. Also I did some design and implementation of the clinic website.

British Telecom, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 07/02 - 03/03
Telecom and Process Consultant:
Responsible for the correct and continuous operation of the second largest fixed telecom network in the Netherlands, consisting mainly of SOPHO PABXs. This included problem fixing and new requests, controlled from the call-centre for their main client, the Dutch Railroads.

Next to this I initiated and led a project to upgrade the operational management system MACManager, operating on a client/server LAN. Also I was responsible for describing and improving the involved processes.

Management systems and Tools: SYSManager, DECTManager, FileMaker Pro, Clarify

Interim period 12/01 - 06/01
In this interim period, I completed a short assignment in problem fixing in SOPHO PABX, preceded and followed by a few holidays. Also I followed a few courses, like HTML, JavaScript and Visual J++.

Holland House, Brakel, The Netherlands 05/01 - 11/01
Software Engineer and Process Engineer:
Development and quality improvement on OpenLDAP shell for output management application software. This included the full software development cycle from design to test.

Next my responsibility included the definition and introduction of a controlled software development process within the company.

Programming languages and Operating systems: C, Unix (SOLARIS, HP/UX, Linux), Windows 2000, OpenLDAP, Visual SourceSafe

Lucent Technologies, Hilversum, The Netherlands 12/98 - 02/01
Software Engineer and project management roles:
Responsible for the design, implementation, project tracking and emulator testing of the supplementary service Call Completion to Busy Subscribers (CCBS) for PSTN and ISDN for the 5ESS switch. The supplementary service could be invoked on both local calls as intra-office calls via SS7 trunks. This included designing the software to meet the requirements of the Dutch KPN Telecom project. Also I had responsibilities in several other projects:

-Defining requirements, design and implementation of part of the Call Return Service feature.
-Defining the requirements of the Call Park feature.
Also at the end of the CCBS project I trained a small team of engineers into this project.

Programming languages and Operating systems: C, SDL, Unix (SOLARIS), Windows NT
Internal course: basics Voice Over IP

Philips Business Com. Hilversum, The Netherlands 11/97 - 11/98
Software Engineer:
Responsible for detailed design, implementation and testing of call handling supplementary services and operational maintenance software for the SOPHO PBX. My responsibilities included the following:

-Detailed design, implementation and testing of the operational maintenance commands for the ISDN CLI/COL translation functionality. This functionality provides means of translating the CLI/COL number string to a user defined number string within the ISDN messages.
-Integration testing of the call handling service of CLI/COL translation.
-Integration testing of Calling Name Number Display, a service for translating CLI/COL numbers to names.
-Integration testing of system restart functionality, to verify the restart and reload functionality.

Programming languages and Operating systems: TCS (CHILL variant), C++, VAX/VMS, Windows NT

Ericsson, Enschede, The Netherlands 10/96 - 09/97
Software Engineer:
Responsible for design, implementation and testing of software for the DECT project. My main responsibilities were the design and implementation of the Building Block Environment, a multi-threading function layer between the modular application software and the POSIX kernel. This includes:
-The timer handling system, a system that provides functionality for starting, stopping, restarting and expiration handling of asynchronous timers.
-Message management services, for the communication between the modules.
-Memory and logging services.
-Message monitoring by means of PCOs (Point of Control and Observation), which allows messages to be monitored and inserted between modules.
- Operation and maintenance services, which provides functionality for retrieving and changing the system time and date, configuring the system, notification of hardware insertion and removal, and adding and removing of Speech Processing Circuits, which could be done both conditionally as unconditionally.

All development had to comply with CMM guidelines.

Programming languages and Operating systems: C, Unix (POSIX/SOLARIS)

Siemens Stromberg-Carlson, Boca Raton, Florida, USA 2/95 - 9/96
Software Engineer:
Responsible for design, implementation and testing of Siemens switching software for the EWSD telephone switch. Within the Line User Functions team, which is concerned with the subscriber signalling and call processing, my responsibilities included design, implementation and testing of the following:
-The call processing database audits system.
-Timeslot reprovisioning, a system which determines the most economic assignment of backup timeslots, distributed among the data/speech-links, to provide a timeslot to a fixed subscriber in case of data/speech-link failure.
-Local call and features like non-data link attendant console, night service, hold, transfer, call forward public announcement, centrex,
fraud prevention and audits.
-Tools to assist with patch production and maintenance.

Programming languages and Operating systems: C, 80386 Assembler, VB, OS/2, TSO, RDB

Alcatel ANL Den Haag, The Netherlands 2/92 - 1/95
Alcatel BTM Antwerp, Belgium
Software Engineer:
Modification, design and testing of the Analogue Subscriber Signalling System software in the System 12 exchange for the Dutch PTT Telecom project. This included redesign of the line signals and call handling scenarios at call setup and call release procedures according to the Dutch PTT requirements. Also it was necessary for me to design, implement and test the following features:
-The Calling Line Identification Presentation feature (CLIP).
-Dial-in analogue PABX.
-The malicious call invocation procedures.
-Local call, supplementary services call waiting, call forwarding.

For the International Belgacom project I designed the Service Evaluation System SES, a system that continuously checks and presents events on trunks.

Programming languages and Operating systems: CHILL, 8086 Assembler, VAX/VMS, TSO, RDB